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What is Property Tracker?

Property Tracker is an online, browser based preventive maintenance software that helps you keep track of Projects, Facts, and Maintenance for your home or facility. Project Tracker is organized into Spaces.

A Space could be your kitchen, your living room, your entire home, your backyard, your basement or any other part of your property that you might want to keep track of Projects, Facts and Maintenance for. You can also have a Space for your car, your hobby, your pets, your tools and equipment, etc.

Additionally, Project Tracker can Inventory your valuables and record important Contacts related to your property maintenance.

What can I do with Property Tracker?

  1. Property Tracker can help you plan Upcoming Projects and record the completion of these projects once they are finished. Save details that may be important later such as where you purchased materials and what the specific material was. For example, put down new floor tile in the bathroom. Record where you bought the tile as well as the size, brand, color,SKU, etc. so you can purchase replacement tile in the future.
  2. Property Tracker can record Facts about your property such as paint colours, room dimensions, filter sizes and types, garbage bag sizes, light bulb wattages and types, vacuum bag types, etc. When shopping for items, you can avoid purchasing the wrong items by consulting your smart phone right in store!
  3. Property Tracker can track regular Preventive Maintenance items, including cleaning tasks and send you emails or update your calendar feed with reminders. When was the last time you had your gutters cleaned, changed your furnace filter, cleaned your bathroom fan, checked your bathtub caulking, or checked the air pressure in your car tires? Don't wait until damage is done, be proactive with Property Tracker. Furthermore, print off a home history report to show others how well you have maintained your home/facility when you are ready to sell.
  4. Property Tracker has an Inventory feature which allows you to easily create a secure, online, easy-to-update list of your valuables along with pictures, dollar values, and model/serial numbers.  You can create a printable report with all of this inventory information for insurance purposes with the click of a button in the event of a disaster or theft.
  5. Property Tracker has a Contacts feature which allows you to keep track of vendors and service professionals such as Delano Maintenance Solutions.

How Do I Get Started?

Sign up Now to start your free Property Tracker Account and start entering your own information or contact us to conduct an onsite preventative maintenance appraisal which will include fully customizing your Property Tracker Account with all of your home or facilities requirements. Customers of Delano Maintenance Solutions will have their accounts created and updated for free whenever we conduct maintenance on their property.