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Property Tracker

Home and Facility Maintenance Manager

Let us help you organize and track the projects and maintenance that your home or facility requires. Our cloud based Property Tracker software allows you to log on from any computer or mobile device and have instant access to fully customizable information about your property. We help you track items like paint colours, light bulb and filter types and sizes, room dimensions, and any other facts you would love to have at your finger tips. Property Tracker also keeps you up to date on preventative maintenance and periodic cleaning tasks with email and/or calendar reminders and helps you plan and record your projects. Property Tracker can even be used to create a full inventory of your valuables. Sign up for free and start tracking or call us to complete a full assessment of your home or facility onsite.

Delano Maintenance Solutions provides a variety of Commercial and Residential Services including:

  • Handyman Services
  • ​Minor Renovations
  • Preventative Maintenance Assessments
  • Preventative Maintenance Tasks
  • Cleaning